Reviews for "Train Robber!"


i really want to make a nice small simple game like this! :D

will never happen tho! :(

great job tho!


haha that sob sheif
good games


fun and a addictive fust like all your flash


Its a nice game but do u really only use the 2 arrow keys, I saw a boc with the keys c and $ I thought it was jump & attack but it did nothing, I was more busy changing my computer azert to qwerty and it seemed that even when I wasnt playing the game I was collecting more cash, avoiding the things he throws, I even lost the sheriff, he was right behind me coming up, going back, coming up, going back, getting something on his head and away he was. In the meantime I was changing my keyboard configuration but when I started to hear multiple money sounds I needed to go check out what was happening. So I gues thats a big mistake for a game. But I like the concept, if worked properly it could be higly addictive. But this is more a preview from a test version of better things to come I like to think.


Not great

but still good i like
your dan paldin i have to kiss your ass +5

I dont like
how short it is-1
how out of date this game is -2
good job though