Reviews for "Biolysis [Synthetica Demo]"


dude. you make me WET.

Mid-Night responds:


looky looky!!!

Hey nao, you are going to win xD

Mid-Night responds:

Haha. Hai immune.

pretty cool beat there

i dont think it is as intense as it is dark, but the beat is definately cool. I think it should break out into a stronger beat, with either more bass or more stabs of a higher synth,. but maybe that's just me.

Its really good though. I like it good work!


haha, fuck yes to the sounds. It seems like there's something missing but the track does pretty well as is. All in all, I wish you well sir. Good luck!

Very professional

Wow..this is very nice sounding, great drum samples, maybe needs something else in the background..but great work!
And good luck!

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