Reviews for "This is Halloween!"

superb mix of jack and yorick...wow

Nice work

Awesome artwork!

Jack is one of my favorites do there is a little bit of biased going on in my brain. I think you got creative with him although I prefer the simplified version of his face (that's my biased ness coming to a head) I do like your rendition of his face. Makes him look a little more spooky which is why I also like you piece. Normally I would have hated on a piece that didn't stay true. To his simplified face, but for you jazza and your art skills I can make an exception lolol. I do like that you put a different skull in his hand other than his own. And the fact that you made that one look more life like is pretty cool. I also like that you stayed true to the scenery of the movie and that you decided to not make the background so pronounced that he would have faded. You made him the focal piece. The rim lighting looks fantastic on jack.