Reviews for "TMNT Medley"


oh, the nostalgia that this brings....you make this old school gamer happy. excellent work.

Stage3-1 responds:

Hahahaha, no problem. Thanks.

Crush Crawfish was a Ninja Turtle?

Eh... isn't this named wrong?

Stage3-1 responds:

This is definitely TMNT. I'll have to listen to Crush Crawfish and see how close they sound.

Very fun.

And as to the crush crawfish thing yeah, I always thought that Crush Crawfish's music sounded like the Ninja Turtles actually.

very good

that was tight


I actually caught myself whistling the first little bit the other day and couldnt remember what game/movie/whatever it was, low and behold, it was from the first tmnt game! some good memories, keep it up.