Reviews for "TMNT Medley"


i waz waiting for the original TMNT Song wish is funny!
but alway good....

Very fun.

And as to the crush crawfish thing yeah, I always thought that Crush Crawfish's music sounded like the Ninja Turtles actually.


you got that from the video game didn't you?

Totally Radical

Ohh, the nights spent with friends playing the TMNT series on Nintendo...good times. Good times. ^_^

Stage3-1 responds:

Good times. I'm still living them. I played this game a few days ago, haha.

Crush Crawfish was a Ninja Turtle?

Eh... isn't this named wrong?

Stage3-1 responds:

This is definitely TMNT. I'll have to listen to Crush Crawfish and see how close they sound.