Reviews for "Pirate Contest Whatever"


I love you egoraptor.

I like the whole "yarr" element at the end and it adds depth to this oscar winning audio scripting. It's hard to believe you can get this kind of characterisation withing the span of 1 minute and 21 seconds of audio, and I especially love the climactic spiral and the exposition leading to the incredible twist ending that the captain has scurvy and the first mate is pretty much a big faggot.

Hey I was sick at the same time that you were...


awesome song!

great dialogue...

Love it!!!!

This is awesome!! i once had a interprentation of pirate that was something like this but definatly not as funny as this!!!

I even watched it like 5 times and i had a freaky dream with a CLEARLY gay pirate talking like the steriotypical pirate then the real ones talking like this. After a few freaky matrix fight scenes with dinosaurs the gay pirate gave birth to my best friend, and then i woke up.

Anyways, loved it, it reminded me of a radio/tv dio called Hamish and Andy. They do alot of well.....THIS on air between each other. they actually sailed on a pirate ship across the ..sumthing sumthing.....there australian if you dont kno them.ANYWAS!!!!!!!!!!
wellt that was a waste of like......50 words.....

Any who loved it to death i just sent it to like 20 people, 5 of which i pretty much despise. So.........keep it up...........yeah.............AUSTRAL IA RULES!!!!!!!!!!

Is the throat thing why your not as crazy as b4?

Because I noticed how you were really funny because of your voice and artwork. Now the artwork is awesome. It's just your voice! I mean, what happened. Was it because of you going crazy before that you can't make your awesome voice? You really have to get that checked or something.

Egoraptor responds:

I only had a sore throat for this clip man