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Reviews for "Behind Eddsworld"


matt is a guy who comes later on in the searis he hasorange hair a green jacket
and purple sweat top


whos this matt guy you people keep on talking about??

Where's Matt?

(first eddsworld vid i rated lower than 10 stars) I think that this was one episode that came earlyer thn Matt and if Matt was around he was probobly like shopping for smirnof, coca-cola and like sleeping.

Trd left the show cause.....

great show but thats not what im talking about uhhhmmm did tord leave cause ot tom if tom really had a acholl addiction and if that really happend maybe that why tord quit?????? still unkown...

Someting missing..

Wheres Matt in all this O.o. Did he like come in later or something..? Oh well nice flash and audio. Funny how edd is addicted to work