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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"

This was a good game

Wasen't bad at all.Nice graphics though ^_^


Wow i never actualy seen the games from you guys but i must say i am impressed, from the depth menue and options sceen to the intense playing and really responded well to the keys, very fun and addictive game, nice job...

There was to much silver, add more balanced colors...

A fun detailed ship game with awsome options, keep up the good work...


So close...

Argh! This game was SO close to being amazing! It's just that there were a lot of frustrating moments.

See, what really pissed me off was that the most expensive weapons really really sucked. I got the slicer in the first level and it turned out to be the best weapon in the game. It was REALLY annoying to spend a crapload of cash on a weapon that turned out to be a piece of crud, and then have to beat the level with it. Blech.

Also, the different parts for the plane needed some balance. You could just like buy the best parts for a little bit more than the parts that stink. It just seemed pointless.

Sorry, other than that, great game! It was really good but those few problems kept it from reaching its potential!

i wish i had a plane like that

nice game but the backgrounds could be more lively and the background music is a bit cliche of crap movies but all in all it ia a brilliant game. :) the weopans are good and HINT : you may not but i found the slicer and lasers the best combo.
great game keep it up bro

Very good! and i tell a secret about the game!

this is are 2 hints for the best secondary weapon!:
1. the power is in the simpility...
2. costs not much!

I hope you guys find out what I mean!
This is a very nice made 3d-game.
It has a very good variety of weapons!
It was fun to make different planes.
But with the secundary weapon I had it was to easy...