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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"

Very enjoyable, little too easy

I like this game a great lot, my favourite side scroller along with raiden X. But as said before, once you get the slicer+laser/plasma combo you're pretty much invincible.. and it can get a little boring.

It would be a great improvement to balance out the prices of the weapons and parts with their qualities. Now you can buy the best weapon with the amount of cash you start with ;-)

Way to easy

If you get past level 4 you win the game (if it has an end);
there are some oval red things in lvl 4 (you just need a heavy secondary (try the beamer) to kill them all and you find about 3000 - 4000) than it's way to easy i got bored at about lvl 7 with 12 extra lives

Nothing Great

It started way too easy. I got so many powerups that all I had to do was hold the button and move up and down. Somehow that was the most fun as I soon started losing all my lives when no powerups came and I had to go at it with just about nothing. Seemed a bit too repetative.

voted 5

A pretty fun air shooting game. I like how when you turned the planes wings would tilt. Some nice weapons. And the different kinds of enemies and weapons and stuff kept the game from getting to repetitive which is a good thing. A pretty average game you got here.

For one thing I thought it was way to easy for you to die and way to hard for them to die. And the enemies zoomed by to fast. Could have been a lot smoother too. And why was I driving a transport plane.

Good, But Could Be Better.

To be honest, it bored me, fast. It was a good game and all but there was a rough edge to it that really put me off. The graphics were nice but the background and foreground didn't really mix, I gave the sound a 4 because the enemies shooting sounded like a 4 year old going "D'uh". I think you shouldn't have so much going on on screen either.

Keep at it.