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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"

I agree..

This is a game with high potential, but i cant help but agree with the person below me. The pulse projectile does 0 damage, and it is a waste of money. If it was put in, why did you make it ineffective? You could've at least gave us SOME damage to have fun with this weapon!

wat does the pluse projectile do?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!!

lol i'm trying to figure it out.. all i no is : it cost 630 bucks.. and it goes though enemy... without damageing them...???????

make a second one!!!!

All tens, good job! Except one thing...

There were points in the game where it was damn near impossible to get through.


it was sorta good...there was lots of upgrades but the collection system of the money was really annoying. other than that it was pretty good didn't lag had lots of different enemies. only absolutely no storyboard.

ive played better

that was kinda crappy. theres lots =better on ng. but it had some kool upgrades, taht deserves a 7