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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"

WTF is this?

You use mouth sounds? WTF?

Right, now there was good presentation on the title menu, but it ended there. From that point on I was beset by barely animated enemies with respiratory problems, and clunky controls.

The enemies went too quickly, and I couldn't get out of the way in time. I had pressed the button, and the choppy controls only decided to move the ship once they had came back from lunch, about half an hour later.

Then there was the small issue of the bullets being indistinguishable from the background.

A mentally handicapped mouse with Windows 98 operating system could do better.

good idea

i for one think that using sounds from youre mouth is funny i mean a giant robot thats sounds like hes tryin to spit on you whats more funny than that i say make another but next make it sound like they are trying to take a dump on ya


What the hell is this!? You made sounds with your mouth for a SHOOTER!? Man how the hell would you feel like if you drove an AWESOME cool ship with lasers and anything (not that the one you made doesnt look any better than a piece o'crap) and the first time you shoot the lasers it makes a FART sound!?


Graphics, gameplay, everything.

But shit if i dont give constructive criticism:
Next time, try to make the MOUSE the primary control, and do NOT make the shooting sounds with your mouth, You better not make ANY sound with your mouth for a space shooter.

consider making ships with black outlines, because it gives a feeling of quality.

Make it be that when you shoot, you will hear at least SOME kind of sound. (not including: farts, screeches, shouts, glowey-type sounds, something horribly big like an explosion sound, popping sounds (unless the game is centered around something cute or small) and anything other than laser-related stuff)
Because it's very satisfying.

you dont have to make everything too bright, like a white-painted ship. It looks like you were too lazy to give it a different color.

Dont make those white circle reflections!!! It makes it look like you tried too hard to make it good. And it doesn't look good.

Thats NOT it, there's alot more. I'm just too lazy to keep writing.


... Just... no.

I'm gonna go try to figure out why people liked that. Annoying music, weird sounds, bad effects.

Wait a Sec!

Excellent, but I had a glitch @ the end. After I defeated these four simltaneous bosses at the end, my character went on for infinity, no mission accomplished, no credits. Wazzup with that?

Otherwise great. Keep going, tamugaia!
Sincerely, supernintendosp