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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"

Neat li'l side-scroller shoot 'em up.

Not much planning went into weapon balance, however.

Grab lasers and the slicer secondary (for a grand total cost of 260) and just sit back and hold down the shoot button.

Game over.

By lvl5-6 you have enuff cash to fully upgrade ship and buy 10 lifes and 100 atom bombs.


Really slick execution of a tried-and-true concept tho!


Got really boring Really fast


it will not fire when i hit s...anyone else have this problem?

josh-tamugaia responds:

Everybody else is playing the game and beating it. I also set it easy so everyone can play till last level. Your keyboard has a damn problem and you can't fire, so you gave me:

Graphics: 2 Sound: 0 Interactivity: 3 Style: 2 Violence: 0
Overall rating: 1

I hope Godzilla squishes you to death, abuser n00b.

Any Cheats

Got any cheats for this games, since I already beat it like 5 time already?


Very nice accept the white bullets was hard to see.