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Reviews for "Armada Assault 1"


this reminds me of the old stargunner game for DOS is this inspired by that? the old stargunner games bosses and enemies seemd to be the smae but with different skins. The powerups are the same too.

But having a primary and secondary weapon of different clases?
the old game used 2 mix and match choices of the huge weapon list.

Nice game kept me entertained looking for the ultimate weapon combo.
for lazy people: slicer+lazer combo
for firpower freaks: plasma+flamer combo
for hit and run guys: plasma+rocket combo


that was pretty fun but i got owned as allways on all games


Hey i totally liked this game lol but sound wise, improvements would be great.

Some Great Touches...

Like making the bullets not only the same colour as the background, but fade out as they come towards you, so you are never sure if they are going to hit you or not. That and making the enemies move at a speed not relative to the strength of your weapons, resulting in you spending most of the initial levels dodging them. Really not the best side-scroller out there.


I don't like these games, so unless your THAT bored, don't read my review....

Graphics-- 10/10
Great graphics

Style ----- 10/10
Yeah, I don't like these games, but the style was OK

Sound ----- 10/10
I loved the sounds on this game

Violence --- 0/10
No blood, no nothing

Interactivity 10/10
Fully controlable plane

Humor ----- 0/10

Overall------- 5/10
as I said, I don't like these games