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Reviews for "STARFOX: Mission Complete"


AWESOME GRAPHICS! VERY FUNNY! Background music would be good. A bit short. MAKE MORE!!!


Three words for ya; FUNNY AS CRAP (In a good way, of course)


that was hilarious man loL!!!!!

great but a part of the movie's mising.

this was really funny. keep up the great job. but there is a part that's missing from the movie when andross is being choked to death by slippy's ship it turns completely white. try to fix this in an updated version and add a preloader in there too or your movie may not play right. i think this was the cause of the missing part of the movie. (or a problem on the computer). but great work.


HILARIUS. I almost craped all over myself when slippy got slamed in the door and screamed holyshit. into the favorites ya go.