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Reviews for "STARFOX: Mission Complete"

Wow, I couldn't even recognize your animation style! I guess I'm just not that familiar with your work. Yeah, it was annoying how it was a loop. It's still a good cartoon. I had heard of Andross, but didn't know he looked like that. Well, maybe I forgot.

The voices are quite funny. This was a bit too short. Your artwork style is great. Yeah, I could guess that was how he died. I should've noticed the loop sooner.

I laugh hard when Peppy is being lowered into his arwing, Slippy getting painfully stuck in his Arwing, and Andross popping out from behind the Great Fox and shouting Boo!

Funny flash.

I really like when Andross just see Falco, Peppy and Slippy.
I know what the difference.


Falco and Slippy has a problem! Fox=???! All I do know is he will always will forever will be AWESOME! NICE JOB MAN!


The only thing i found funny about this was Slippy. The rest was just... Stupid...