Reviews for "Pumpkin Yard"


Heh, i rather like it, but can't help feeling that somehow it lacks something....

How about adding special features like special bomb pumpkins that blow up everything near it ( except the square guy with the hammer ), or special pumpkins that allows you to hit an entire row in one hit for a period of time? Just a suggestion, :)

Fun Little Game

Unique style. Dont think Ive seen a game like this one. Hard to be unique now a dayz too. One of your lower quality games, but a high quality game for newgrounds. Love all ur games. Hard to top ur others. This might work as a cell phone game for those who cant have tons of colors on their phone. Dont really have any constructive criticism, so...PEACE

fun game

sorta addicting, nice concept, way to put the use of the game engine to work by having a slight "story" line...another not bad game from you!

good game

nice and simple very addictive..in my opinion it was a very good game nice work hope to see more from u =)

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

lust look at my other 24 submisions


Simple, but extremely well-done and entertaining. A little bit twitch, and a little bit thought, making you look for places where you can smash the most pumpkins.

The little orange square guy was cute, too.

Glaiel-Gamer responds: