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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: Definitive"

I liked the third one especially.

It calms my nerves, I would like to have it as a screensaver :p.

As for the dress up, chick seemed to be a bit...plump, aside from that its quite decent. I never heard of a flash called "7 more kisses" (there was one by Denvish but this doesn't have anything to do with that).

Oh and why did the cat poop on Poirot's head?

So awesome. Fun day indeed.

The dress up game: Nice assortment of clothes, excellent detail, and kudos to the choice of music and the ability to change the colors.
The kitty: Skitty Skat. A kitty walks, jumps on someones head, and craps in there face with anal leekage. The music added a nice touch. Was that Cat Steven music playing?
The insult: This would so make the perfect screen saver. Random insults flashing at random locations in random intervals. The classical music adds to the humor.

All in all, this is by far the absolute best of the day. I can't see any others that would compare. So, will the next batch be Daili3toons or Dailytoon3 or is today truly the last day? Either way, it doesn't matter. This was still awesome.

love the audio! who was it by?

the dress-up was good, but the song made it better

DefinitiveStar responds:

Monty Python, of course =)

I fucking love the insults

cats were good too... dressup wasn't great :/

DefinitiveStar responds: