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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: Astropuff"

Lolzoe :P

Dont look in the box!


OMG! that was one of the best collections I have seen so far! I liked your graphics in all of them. The box was hilarious; the blue fish were great; narture needs to be longer- add some more onto it!; simple and clean same thing- add some more! :)
:) :p :D :O Fo-shizzzzle!

Astropuff responds:

The nature one was a failed animation, as I could never figure out an interesting beginning, and how to sync parts up for the finale at the end. There is more, but it's quite boring, so I never even bothered to color it.

:) < Very impressive films

Blue collab: I thought it was pretty good for 3d animation. I really liked the music, it went well with the film. I thought out of all five, this was the best looking.
Nature's Awakening: Good
Simple and Clean: Well drawn, but kind of short
Oh snap: Very funny
The box: Probably the funniest of the films here.

i loved it

great im speachless

Oh my god this is amazing!

The blue collab movie was probably your best work yet. I liked the Natures awakening movie too. Everything else was great too. AstroPuff, you make an awasome member of the starsyndicate.