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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: Astropuff"


thank you for making the ONLY good daily toon ever! this was funny and well done, just when it i thought all the submissions today were going to suck i saw this and thought "thank god" . good for u ps:hopefully this day will end soon im not the biggest star syndicate fan wich is pretty obvious. un happy daily toon day lol.


this was a pretty damn good SS movie, I really enjoyed watching it. The blue collab was the best, but the Pikachu one was the funniest. They are all very great, you really did a good job, I like the style of all of them, I also like the sound and graphics of them, well done.
Happy daily day


That was nice. I liked the first and second ones a lot. They had a surreal air about them somehow. The lip syncing one was okay. It was a good song but the animation looked kind of wierd. The pokemon entry was funny. Poor Pikachu. I think my favorite was "The Box" though. Those were stick figures use to there utmost abilities. Good job.

Astropuff responds:

That lipsync thing was messed up in more than one way. But I've learned from my mistakes :P

ur luky

i'm only protecting dis cuz of the pikachu thing,that was so freakin hilarious.i waited ten years 4 sum1 2 do dat,nice work


THe one day with some marginal talent!!! He, great job, hope to see more pumped out today.