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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: Astropuff"

Oh my god this is amazing!

The blue collab movie was probably your best work yet. I liked the Natures awakening movie too. Everything else was great too. AstroPuff, you make an awasome member of the starsyndicate.

i loved it

great im speachless

:) < Very impressive films

Blue collab: I thought it was pretty good for 3d animation. I really liked the music, it went well with the film. I thought out of all five, this was the best looking.
Nature's Awakening: Good
Simple and Clean: Well drawn, but kind of short
Oh snap: Very funny
The box: Probably the funniest of the films here.


Hah, the box one was funny. You should keep making a bunch of those, it could really catch on! Really! The voices for the stick people was really funny too. Perfect.

The Pokemon one was funny too, "Oh, snap!", but telling everyone to vote five kinda makes you look pathetic. ...not that you are pathetic, but, it kinda gives a bad impression.

...but yeah, that last stick one, if you like, made a website or something, and made a new one every week or more, I'm sure people we get addicted to it. Very cool!

...I just hate collaborations 'cuz you can't vote on any one in perticular, so, just for the record, all my fives are belong to the box short, and nothing more. The 1-10 ratings are for the whole collab together.

Your simple and clean bit....

....would probably have been the best part of the collab IF it was made for the collab.
And that pokemone one, old jokes? I PISSED MYSELF WHEN HE TOOK A PICTURE AND NAMED IT LOLZ!!!!

p.s. wanna see whats in this box?