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Reviews for "Daily2oon SE: Breadfruit"

breadfruit is going 2 my collections 4 sure!

read up there^^--^^

Pretty Cool

Pretty Damn Cool Compared to Some of the other Daily toon stuff.

Keep Up the good work Smelly Breadfruit.

Very nice!

What's the name of the music? I <3 it!

We've had our differences, Breadfruit...

But I'm not going to give this a zero just because I'm not too fond of the Star Syndicate. Very good. But I am somewhat disappointed at the end part. If you just would've left it without that annoying Piclownjew freak and Wade screaming, it would've been better. Nonetheless, I still like this movie. Nice work, SS.

BreadFruitLock responds:

swell thanks

Good flash for Daily Day!

I have to admit, this flash was good. The drawings are very good in this flash. I like how you've drawn people from the Star Syndicate for this flash. The music, I've heard the start of it a few times on the Daily2oon flashes, but listening to a longer version of the song, it's quite good and I think it fits well for this flash.

The ending of this flash was quite unexpected since the flash had all the good drawings and all of sudden, this came up. I won't get mad at that, but I found ending part a bit random. Anyway, nice work on that flash.

BreadFruitLock responds: