Reviews for "Daily2oonSE: ZEKEY"

I really liked this! I can't believe the rating is so low. It probably helps that it was made by ZekeySpaceyLizard. I really love that guy! I still wouldn't call myself a fan of the Star Syndicate. He's not even a star. It was fun to see all those random images put together.

It almost reminded me of animutation. Dang, I miss that. I'm glad you didn't have to click everything over and over. This must have been one busy Daily Day. You won't stop Clock Day of course.


Yet another entertaining celebrational episode full of random entertainment! The fact that this one is dedicated to Sekey makes it so much better, heh, keep up the great work!


Kinda neat

belive it or not that was kinda cool

This is

all that is




this is hte best animations ever its on my top of my favvorites and i love you gys so much you just make me so happy and i never haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa