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Reviews for "Daily2oonSE: ZEKEY"


i love super smash bros so sound 8

i dont got a lotsa to say

what does it have to do with zekey though?

and finally, y did the SS die?

((( WOW )))

Wow one of the besti seen from you guys, i love what you did with the "CITY" dropback it was wellmade, and the animating itself looked very smooth, a great animation, ran by really quick but was very good, and funny, nice work guys, hope to see much more like this quality i hope...

abit longer and mre odd random characters...

A good animation, maybe the best from the crew...


good work

you included alot of ppl/things in this, awesome work Zeeky!

this should have deserved an award, but w/e

here is your cookie
(tosses cookie)

I am so lost...

But thats why i watch Zekey's toons, they are so random that they make me piss my pants with laughter. ALL HAIL ZekeySpaceyLizard!!!