Reviews for "Rucklo - Cave of Wonders Menu"

really cool loop there.

really good it has a nice pace to it :D

Rucklo responds:

yay ^_______________^

A beautiful tune

There's not much one can say about this other than it is beautiful. It puts me in mind of a feeling of sadness, and this I feel realy gives this its worthyness. A very well done tune. Definetly full marks for it.

Rucklo responds:

why, thank you very much!!! :D

it's awsome

wat can i say....AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!


A ridiculous awesome tune, no doubt. It's the reason I keep the game up for several minutes at a time; to listen to this trippy song. Fantastic job on this!
And thanks for making a download-able version!

Epic Tune! ;D

This was developed using Cubase? Wow good job!!!