Reviews for "Rucklo - Cave of Wonders Menu"

Worthy of Respect

This menu tune really fits with the ominous feeling of the game when you first enter. I really like the beat, that keyboard like sound (I don't really know my instruments) and the low mixes with it that give it that feeling that you're exploring a cave full of light sprites but somehow, you just KNOW something's wrong amidst all that beauty that you can imagine listening to this.

On a side note, I somehow got this in my mind for a random story with this music: "This the Door. It is anything you want it to be. It could be the end. It could be the new beginning you want. It could be nothing. It could be the worst that has yet to come to you. It could be the best thing that has ever happened. It could be something completely different. You do not know, do you? How to get to what you like? Well, mortal, that is all that I offered you in the first place: the Door, not how to use it."

Rucklo responds:

i LOVE when people get some kind of image from listening to my music, that means that it's inspirational in some aspect, and in my own book, that's something i commonly seek to achieve! thanks alot for hte review man! :D


I lake the way the beat is I really like it mankeep it up!

Rucklo responds:

glad you do man! :D:D:D

Great tune!

It gives me the feeling of learning a great/powerful secret or something like that, Great job!

Rucklo responds:

Thankyou! :)


Definently Downloading it! Awesome work dude!All my 10 go to you!

This is epic!