Reviews for "Rucklo - Abrupt Awakening"

My ears are bleeding a little

Whut teh...!? Somehow it sounds gross, but it's trance makes it amazing!


This is so cool) Man.. i really love this!!! Thx! Gj. 10/10 =)

SO ADDICTIVE! Energetic!

Thanks man! This would fit to wake up at morning and start running! lol


Rather interesting.

I rather like this song for a few good reasons. You gave the song itself a harsh feeling to it and make it at the same time really addicting to listen too. you also nailed the song length as well. Good job Rucklo, I'm very impressed by this. Keep it up!


First I was like "I'm not downloading this, too short", but now I clicked the link =D

Me likes. But next time more length.