Reviews for "Rucklo - Abrupt Awakening"


this is the best song ever for a boss fight. you ROCK!

Rucklo responds:

wow, thank you very much man!

Bow before the master...........

i love this i would use this any thing in a game as the boss theme it is the best

Rucklo responds:

glad to hear that man! thanks!

I loved this song :D

when I played it and there was no music at first i was all like "wherez da epic music?" when Luis awoke I be all like "EPIC"

Sorry for bad grammar. It's awesome.

Rucklo responds:

lol thanks man :D

Brilliant .

One day man , your gonna be famous .

Rucklo responds:

weeell, im happy with people just likling the work i do... :D

simply amazing

Great tune, man. I really want to hear your music in more games.

Rucklo responds:

you probably will just that, at least in the next Po3 project i'm in that will be launched in a couple of months or so... :D