Reviews for "Detrimental Robot Sings!"

Was that robot saying something?

If I could actually understand WTF that robot was actually saying I might have laughed. Naw, cut that, I still wouldn't have.

523fnord responds:

I'd say something rude back to you, but you're Canadian, so you already have so much stacked against you. I'm sorry, man. You can always move to the states, then maybe you'll feel better.

oh man

sorry dude, but the crappiness of this movie just cannot be expressed. i mean, i couldn't bring myself to listening to a singal one of those songs all the way through!!

523fnord responds:

It's spelled "single," as in "do y'all want a SINGLE slice of cheese on yer burger, sir?" You may need to know that for your career at McDonald's, where you will be brainwashed against your will and become a slave to the Detrimental Robot. He has informed me that he will use you as a courier, utilizing your rectum to store contraband on international voyages. All hail the Detrimental Robot!
Blessed be He whose score somehow goes up when he gets bad reviews!

Reply To this

This movie was gay. I didnt want to dance. I wanted to fuck your mom. I dont mean with my dick. I wanted to rip yours off and force it up her ass through her vagina ripping all kinds of shit. Your a faggot. People are faggots for liking this shit. Shit.FUCK. Great Movie!

523fnord responds:

Your hatred of gays and women will come in handy as the Detrimental Robot plans to use you as cannon fodder in one of many unecessary overseas expressions of military force. Yes, keep being intolerant to those different from you. This is exactly what the DeRo wants you to do. And thanks for the 6 rating!

Tee hee -- I'm sold!

Beautiful job. Detrimental robot is the message AND the media. Quite.


523fnord responds:

The Detrimental Robot did an excellent job on this project, but it was not a "beautiful" job. There is no beauty in the eye of the DeRo. There is no comfort, so there is no comfort level. You have much to learn, young Droid, but you will learn. There is no choice.

Must buy music

Will buy music when released. Will not download. Will buy. I am a follower of the Detrimental Robot

523fnord responds:

The Robot was discussing you last night and is debating whether you're a Parks Commissioner or a Health Commissioner-type. Or a Water Commissioner. Or a Police Commissioner. Rest assured, you'll end up with SOME kind of commission. With your glazed stare and unthinking mind, you're a born leader!