Reviews for "KO Boxing"


this game was really great but sound would be nice maybe more levels + more positions

Good dirty fun.

I liked the game, could have been better with sound. if you do another version have more possible players?
only thing you need is sound.


Kickass stuff! Good job and thanks for sharing it. I just played High Tail Hall and now I'm addicted to furries! Hot stuff. Please make more. If I had the talent, I'd be making tons of these. ^_^


that game was the bomb but it would be better if it had mor caracters and more action+ the music would be the koolest game u got

well designed but can be improved

Not your better artwor but still fine. Love her face of joy ar the end plus the fact she's a cangoo and you made her bag to not look gross. Also interactivity in the end sequence is great addition. More poses and maybe to be able to punch her by your own commands would make it a 10.

Well designed, the punch-tail was a smart move! difficulty of your games are OK no matter what they say (may samus in hard mede be a bit too much at times) Cheers