Reviews for "KO Boxing"

needs sounds

hahahahah nice! i game with benifites. GOod game idea too. imma try and get to round 3

Nice one!!!

+Great graphics;
+Quite good conception for an erotic game;

-No sound?! WTF???!!!;
-Needs a little bit more interactivity so it won't become boring.

Man, that graphics kick ass! The animation is pretty bad, but it doesn't really matter. The game tests your reaction pretty good. Also a great conception as for an erotic game. But there ain't any sound! Why? How can that be??? Please, fix this problem as fast as you can.

This game is cool. ^^

I love the roo girl. She looks sexy X3
And i also like the "suprise" at the end. The only bad thing is: no sound!
Please add some sound effects and update your game.
This goes up to my fav.


Very cute. :) The animation's nice and clean, too, and I like the idea, too. ^_~ The only thing that's definitely missing is sound effects - punching, blocking, heavy breathing, humping, moaning and all that.

Still, it's one of the best submissions I've seen so far today, and I do hope you'll make an updated version with sound effects added. :)

you should have been able to fight back

and you should have put some sound, like punching sounds, blocking sounds, music, and you or the chick getting hurt, and sex sounds for the end.

and you should have been able to fight back, but all in all very good game.