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Reviews for "Face Melt Syndrome"

Damn, thats good.

I love the intro, and the rest of the audio. The Piano sounds fine, but it's just too "happy"..
Love it. Good Job!

This song rox my sox =D

This song is good, i wish it were just a lil bit longer tho. But keep at it, i like this song, Just keep playing like that and more people will like ur music


A kinda weird electro/metal/DnB hybrid, which actually works quite well, but I have to agree with Ljcoffe, the piano doesn't sit well in the track for me, it just doesn't suit the dirty style. In definately adds a strange contrast, but doesn't work in my ears. I think u need a more acidy sound, perhaps using a good arpeggiated loop.

SWiTCH responds:

Hey, you're the guy whose music I've been perusing. Thanks for the review.
I still don't hear anything wrong with the piano (in fact I quite like it), but I'm gonna take everyone's word for it. :)

Sounds like Electronic Punk

Intresting lets get some lyrics and other stuff.


Maybe you you took out the piano sounding piece and added a nother guitar, or a much harsher and rapid piano bit. The single notes do kinda make clash. Other than that, awesome work. 4/5