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Reviews for "Face Melt Syndrome"


Sweet as moonshine man....but i wudda loved it if the tune was a lil longer....it left me wantin more....ah well, noyce job


omfg, you are great! when i make a movie, this may go in it!

Wow! That's Great!

I regognized this music from the submission known as "The Last Stick Figure". I really like it so I downloaded it. What would newgrounds be without the ones who send audio. I'm a flash animator myself (and I suck by the way) an I have tried doing audio but it's so damn hard! I think that audio is where the real talent is!

sweet need i say more

dude i love it , its a work of genius and im not blowing smoke up your a$$ either, only prob i have with it is that it drifts out at the end but apart from that WOW.

ps: iv got an idea but i thought it would be best to ask your permission first , could i edit this piece , im not gonna submit it i just want to play around with it for a while , any way email at leighamisgay1@hotmail.com with your answer.
and if you want ill even send you the finished work, keep up the good work

nice, man!

Nailed it 100%! keep up the good work!