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Reviews for "Face Melt Syndrome"

Bloody Awesome

Call me controversial, but I think the piano gave it a brilliant effect. I really liked the speed of it too. Nice One!


That was awesome dude. I'm speachless man. Keep up the great work.


Now I understand I rated all this song bad in some areas but don't get me wrong, this is one kick ass song XD it's that awesome! Keep up the top shit

Wow this is awsome

This is a freakin awsome song :D

"Knock You Out"? heheh

I rememember me doing a song like this a while ago, drum and bass and rock, very different from this tho... I didnt think the piano was out of place, it gave a piece like this a calm feeling with it, and i actually liked that:) It's nice to put alot of styles together. There was nothing wrong with this to me.
Or 10: its original to put alot of styles together
Di 9: why would that be?
Cl 10: and this?
Ef 9: it sounds like you put alot of effort in it, but it was so little short
Ov 9: yeah it was good but so short...

- Whirlguy