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Reviews for "Face Melt Syndrome"

Sounds like Electronic Punk

Intresting lets get some lyrics and other stuff.


This is ur best song on NG, no question..

This song rox my sox =D

This song is good, i wish it were just a lil bit longer tho. But keep at it, i like this song, Just keep playing like that and more people will like ur music

Could listen to it all day.

Just wish it were longer. But shorter songs are better kept that way and this is awesome the way it is. I loved the drums in this song and the piano threw me off the first time I heard it. It's my favorite of all your songs, probably because the intro is just simply awesome. It sounds so much different than all you're other songs (except maybe Headbangers Spit). But keep up the good work.

damn this is good shit!

great,awesome,erm....whats better then awesome???
oh yea!