Reviews for "Axel F Theme"


A stupid person (Homer) doing a voice for a stupid song.... Ok, the song isn't stupid, although most people think it is. If you ask me they should get a life.
A-N-Y-W-A-Y, this is realy nice. Although, you did leave a hell of a lit of vocals out.

lol... what a coincidence...

Two Axel F covers... in one day... what a coincidence... this gave me a chuckle though!

nice - very original!

Thats a realy great song. Very funny and cool in the same time.

I've watched some of your previous songs. You got 0's where you deserved at least a 3. I think you're finaly getting it it with this song.
You gota grab the listeners attention right away. Most newgroundites have short attention spans. If you dont give the a reason to listen in the first 5-10 seconds your song is wasted.

Diabolo-ical responds:

Thanks, this is a good review. You might say that tip is obvious, but I never thought to make the intro to a song attention-grabbing. I'll experiment with that a bit. I think my songs need more variation too.


I love it, Pure genious man keep up the good work.

Diabolo-ical responds:

T h a n k s !