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Reviews for "Televangelista"

too be honest

that went way past a "light hearted relius romp" but you were right abput one part, religon is the bad. it accualy comes from a laitin verb meaning to be tied down. and some people do take their befiefes too far.
but christainity, at least born again christainty, isn't about a system of steps too apease some great force its a personal relationship with jesus christ, sorry for the ramble.

i shoulda known

not to watch this because it would then force me to review it and go off on a rant...but ill try not to do that, all I can say is you are free to enjoy your opinion, I happen to be a very religioius person and allthough I agree with the whole "organized religion suxs " thing, because it does and wheter or not you care to admit it whatever you believe in IS your religion, be it darwinism, atheistic, or voodoo for all I care it is all a form of religion even if you worship the frickin devil it is still worship....ok....ok....ill stop now and ummmm GOD BLESS YOU lol


You may not have meant to offend anyone, but let me say this...I was offended!

Anybody who voted this as a good movie, must either be an athiest, or doesn't take their relgion very seriously.

And if you find humor in bashing other peoples religions, then God bless your soul; none of us can help you.

Anyway, I'm out, plz dont make this junk anymore.


Deeply offensive and disturbing. Go peddle your trash somewhere else.


It's sad to see that somebody put so much time into NOTHING. This flash is a waste of space. The creator(s) took a lot of meaningless dialogue and turned it into some odd prayer coming from an evil-looking guy. I don't know what else to say.....I pity anybody who actually enjoys this.