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Reviews for "Televangelista"

It was a treat to watch this flash.

I cannot say much, this was very strange, but in a good way. It's a great flash. I will watch it again and have the plesure of laughing my head off. Thanks! 10/10

Fucking amazing

This is one of the best shorts i have seen in a while, fantastic, just fantastic


LOL oh my god... just the fact that its picking on religion is awesome. But thats was also great how the arch angel poped into the scene and just says "hey'o."

Packed full of comedy, and intelligence at the same time. My kind of movie!


but i know i probably shouldnt but i believe everything this says. well... amost all of it. things like a coconut layer and such is rather... obvious in its joke but the rest actually makes sense and works with my philosiphy. i am an ex-catholic now agnostic. religion doesnt wash clean. so his makes me laugh my ass off and mostly at how true the majoraty of it is.

Lol..another good one

I'm still shocked to learn that there really is someone in the world aside from me who uses "The Devil's Dictionary" for bathroom reading!