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Reviews for "Televangelista"

Well This submission = Shit

Plz i don't want to be one to tell u this but this thing made no sense, twas
crap on a stick, the graphics werent so bad the audio sucked i could not understand anything, this was about some dirty perverted priest that would not shut up about sex and crap... next time u make a submission make sure it has nothing to do with church's cause anything related is bullshit and just plain boring go back to doing stick figure work on em lil bit, then make a plot for your next ''Great'' submission cause we don't want to get stuck on a sunday morning watching this bull might as well go to church...


this doesnt make at all because i dont watch dr. suse or whats his name

Great work!

God, what a glorious religious satire this is. The writing is great and the concept is highly amusing.

Astonishing conception.

With not so glorious reception.

Not as funny as people say.

Yea, well I geuss the movie could have been funny if the idea wasn't as old as the bible itself. I'm not religious, but that doesn't mean I feel that I need to bash religions on whatever basis. Like, to be deathly honest with you the cartoon just wasn't funny. It just seems like some poor, confused person's anger at something other people can find stability in. And I know people are probably going to call me a "Christbot" or whatever, and that I'm an idiot but the funny thing is by doing that they're just proving that they themselves are idiots. I'm in no way religious and I've had my share of bashing em... so frankly just get some new material. You didn't even bother doing your research dude, about Charles Darwin. Darwin's theory doesn't innately disprove Creationism, it just makes the distinct theory of natural selection. Human evolution from a previous sub-species Aka Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals etc. has been strongly founded but not completely proven. Why not try bashing some other religion that's out of the public eye, like Satanism. You can make fun of those attention seeking morons in ways never before shown which would result in a funnier flash by far.