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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

Good representation

I disagree with those who think that the airplane part was out of place, I think it does a good job of representing the difficulties and perfect timing required to navigate a real conversation. Agreed, though, that the icons were a little difficult to figure out... but like real life, that's where trial and error come in, neh?


This was bad. Really bad. It looked good at first, but the sentences were all screwed up and it was too hard to try and approach someone. 2/5...

Fine, I suppose.

It was an... okay game, but far as I know, if a guy came up to me like that and did that, I'd ignore him.

OH MY GOSH I AM A FEMALE AND I AM ON NEWGROUNDS HEAVEN FORBID!! So many people here that I meet are amazed at the presence of a female. Get over yourselves and stop being so sexist.

Before you ask... I'm not mental. I enjoy playing Sim dating games to see what people will pull out of thin air and turn it into a freak show. *sigh*.


Aww cmon guys, you made this out to be a really horrible game. I didn't think it was all that bad, you're just all mad that there's no nudity in it. My only problem was getting the hang of everything. I'm slow sometimes, heh, it took me a while to realize that the guy in the corner was helping me and there was a heart thingy up top that I had to get close to fill. But after that I scored her in 2:09. Oh yer! Lol. All in all though it was a decent game. I enjoyed it. The only reason Sound has a low score is becayse I didn't have my speakers on, so I haven't a clue what it sounded like.


Was kinda hard...But great game =]