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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"


No offense, but how cheesy can you get? Noone wants to sit and fly a mini airplane into cheese, and take tips from a bald man in a window! *sigh*.... better luck next time

Don't ever try this.

I am a girl. A real live breathing girl. If anyone ever started randomly insulting my teeth or choice of clothes, I'd kick him in the balls. That is not the way to break the ice, folks.


I love this game because it's just different i hope there are more games like yours :)

it was ok i guess

it was kinda interesting.. sorta until the end, once i was able to guess the number from the esp thing (7) they talk a bit and all i can do it try to avoid the the pics neg doesn't work after the esp, and neither does the kiss, or the clouds, nothing works after the esp and if nothing works then the game is kinda pointless then
just being honest

Unrealistic and pointless

this game is entirely unrealistic. the story line is stupid, the fact that the guy just straight up asks her to kiss him, well, to be honest most girls find that rude and brash. the music sucked, the graphics were barely worth the truble, and the fact that you had only one girls to pick from make this game almost worthless, its only redeeming factor is the fact that is so unrealistic, its funny.

You have been Judged Not Worthy.