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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

I don't think the game creator knows much game!

I'm good with the women and let me tell you, if I ever went up to a women I wanted to hook up with and I said one random subject after another she would probibly laugh with her friend at me and walk away. This game is unrealistic if you ask me cause just being an atractive drunk boob gaucker would give you a better chance of hooking up then this. lol

that was kind of lame

not enough reward, boring, dumb, and people that think you can pick up ladys like that are dumbasses because you dont meet people by going after them you just meet people by chance and be social...thats it


This is a quick summary of the steps need to pick up a girl. I would recommend anyone who enjoyed this to read Neil Strauss' book, The Game. I own it and although the price tag may be a little high it was worth every penny. His methods really do work and i learned how to be more sociable in crowds and around pretty girls. By the way Leon92 those frases arnt European, they are a complex language for PUAs (pick up artist) to use while they are sarging (sarging is where you go out and pick up woman) the m stood for master. and SHB was super hot babe. really great book! READ IT

fun, but not rewarding

the gameplay was good, though i had to play it a few times because i didnt know what the icons meant or the european lingo. also you really dont get to see anything for beating the game. definately do a much ruder version of the game! be sure to add the instructions so we dumb americans can figure it out ;)


This is a good game, but it should be made a little easier to play.