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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

so annoying

this is the type of game you have to lose repeatedly until you memorize the answers and beat it that way. you have no instructions or any details behind what the icons mean and i really like your airplane thing, "Crash and Burn". you're nifty. i like puns.

but fuck this game.
i'm not buying your book. stop marketing a good game as a ploy to get them to buy your book on your claims to be the ways to get into a chicks pants. its this simple = get her drunk. didn't need a game to tell me that.

not to bad

for all of the people posting bad replies and rating low then i guess you've never heard of a thing called a game that usually isn't going to effect your normal life unless you're really dumb and retarted
it wasnt that bad of a game even though unrealistic,it isnt too ban


if u can pick up a girl in 3 minutes that aint no girl... thats a random bitch whore who got no selfesteem or selfrespect and thats what kind of bitches ur pick up skills work on... ur too weak to hit on an intelligent hotty whos into hot attractive intelligent guys... thats where i come in... u just sit there make games lmao.!!!


Seriously, that was one of the lamest things i've ever played. I can assure you that NO female is going to want to kiss you after three minutes, unless she's desperate (and in that case, you don't wanna be going there.)
You wanna land yourself a nice girl? Ask her about herself, talk a little, ask her for her number. NOT a kiss and DEFINATELY not after a few minutes!
Unrealistic, Silly. Becoming a Pick Up Artist is not the way to a girl's heart.

Ho Hum

Sent me to sleep but I suppose that is what most over seventeens do best...did not understand and frankly don't want to.