Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

OMG! that's a F**** da**n great movie!

OMG! that so funny, I never tought this could be so much funny, yeah, making fun of superhoroes and politics, that's great!

Too damn funny

Cheney is such a goofy bastard. This cartoon never gets old. You will die laughing...


This definitely earns my five. That's funny, "The cock kicked the ass, in the @$$"
I didn't expect it to be THIS good. But it's good enough to be #1.

You definitely suprised me, especially with the great animation, and humorous dialogue.
I'm just utterly amazed.


good! but some of the beeps are just TOO big! one of my soundboxes are crap now! i hate u!

but good movie, only the hula piece was shit

Soo funny!

Oh, i loved it! That was genius! I laughed soo hard! Great job!