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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"


rotflmao great for teaching kids lol

Captain Capitalism to the rescue

LMMFAO this is gret I'm gonna use this to teach little kids about cursing


^$^%$%^ %&^%&^ ^%&^%&% 32$#@#$@$# (*&987

wtf whit the hula thing?!

I turn all the movie down

haha, buy some useless crap today XD

lolz, not only is this funny as hell, since it explains why the vulgar words actually ARE vulgar, explained in a funny way XD, i couldn't help myself and i had to burst laughing when capt. capitalism began saying all the words, nice work, voice acting was perect, the flash seemed to be something from tv, so thats really a star earner, graphic was cartoon wich looks handrawn, wich means i have to give even MORE stars, since it's not easy to draw stuff, *at least i'm not good at it* (if you have drawn it that is)