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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"






that was effing funnier then hell i couldnt stop laughing lol


This was a f*cking awesome clip.

Funny, enjoyable and just great!

Five years ago, this was uploaded on Newgrounds. This was a hit. Why? It features exuberant animation and it's pretty hilarious. It almost feels like you're watching a high budget animated short, however it doesn't let you forget that this is just a flash movie intended for the Internet.

Captain Capitalism is basically your quintessential super hero kind of guy. He apparently has fought "Intergalactic Communism" (which is something we have yet to see and most likely never will), though he seems like a super hero that no one really cares for and is not known.

This is an outdated flash movie. It starts off with then Vice President Dick Cheney finishing up a nonsense political story to what appears to be kindergarten children. I find it extremely hilarious when the children ask him questions about political stuff unrelated to the story he finished. The voice acting is top notch, the first kid who talks sounds like a super familiar voice actor I've heard, however he's only imitating the voice actor. I really don't want to ramble on and on. Captain Capitalism shows up after Cheney's outburst and then explains to the children what happened.

He explains vulgar words to the children and this goes on for a while. I found it super mega hilarious when I first watched it. No need to explain what's being explained, you need to watch it to get it. At the end, there's a familiar Tex Avery bit from that cartoon where an opera singing dog does crazy stuff. I thought Cheney doing that reenactment of that scene was just priceless. As an animation enthusiast, I know a great about animation from the 20th century.

In conclusion, this is a classic Newgrounds flash movie. It doesn't have over a million views, however I do see it going up there in perhaps the near future. We shall see what will happen. It's an awesome toon and I highly recommend anyone to watch this.