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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

socialism doesn't work. >:(

(well then again nither does democracy)(it works for small cities, not entire countries)For all you noobs who don't yet know what socialism REALLY is, basically the government says that all rich people are evil and steal thier money and give it to the poor. Then the rich become poor and the poor get rich, so they steal from the formerly poor and give it back to the formerly rich, and so on (When people post stuff like this don't just give it a useless rating because you don't agree! People are entiteld to their own opinions you know).


Dick Cheney just kills me!

I'm not gonna get Political

There are guys here posting political nonsense but I'm not gonna do that, I got it and it was clever, also the animation was really good.

didn't really get the message.

but,the FCC can kiss my ASS,good animation. >:)

Obama is the destroyer of the economy.

The biggest problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money. Those who think they deserve everything free should think about how the people providing it are supposed to live. Everything has a cost and if there is no profit to be made then why ask someone to waste their time and effort for no benefit. If the cost is too high for people to pay, then you have to find a way to cut the cost down to make it affordable. A free market economy ensures the most fairness possible.

BTW: I want to see many more flash like this. :D