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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"


Well this movie was a F$*%*ng peice of $&#T i cant swear :P or maybe it was the Fucking Shit see im using it right so i can say the words :D!!!! awsome movie man keep up the good work

Best cartoon I've seen in awhile

You have a really good point there. I swear all the time and I'm a kid. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Not bad at all.

While it is a nice piece of animation, it will never be better than There She Is, as one of my esteemed colleagues claimed. It's pretty amusing, and the voiceover was smooth. Good Job!


That was hilarious man! nice job! keep it up!

funny but....

ok the entire moovie was well animated, lips were well synchronized, and the drawings were great, but one th was absolutely awfull...the beeps soemtimes sounded like a sharp fork scrubbing a clean plate.