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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

Hilarious movie...

Ha, that was great. I love the looks on the kids' faces, and the suggestion that Cheney's a robot. Great flash!

wasnt bad... wasnt great

it was ok... got bored when the bleeping replaced talking for the middle-end of the movie but it was ok... needs some work


It had awesome graphics, but like all politically based movies, just wasn't that good. I didn't write a poor review for you because of your political opinions though

Funny insult-humor

LOL,Hero's are always stupid LOL,Good movie :D

What I thought...augh make the laughing stop!

Well I must say,when I first read the title I was expecting some propaganda,however after watching the episode I see I was totally wrong,that was hiarious as ****,it was like watching a cartoon "CBFD" style,the I saw no flaw in the animation,the character voices fit very well,the lines were very clean and well...I can't say I found anything low quality in this,good job and I hope to see more in the future!