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Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"

CC literally puts The Ripping Friends to shame.

I really do love this cartoon. It's mostly because of how the jokes just keep on going. I was able to tell some of the words that were censored. Well, it started with "God" so that one was obvious. It didn't seem dirty at all at first. I know it would be rated under "Adult" if it really was.

The animation was gorgeous too. I'd love to see your stuff with Donald Trump today. Mike Pence is nowhere near as evil, though. I'm glad you made more of these. It's in your user name!

Dont censore :D ! please :D
*sry wrong spell*

Awesome !

This is incredibly well animated , I love the comedy in this , made me laugh . The voice acting is very good and the sound effects are perfect for this flash !

F*****g awesome

I love you Captain Capitalism! It makes me want to celebrate this video with by hosting a parade. I'd ride on an ass along side my faitful bitch while holding a cock and pussy. I'd spell it out in more detail, but now I know that some words are never OK to say.