Reviews for "[Pure Pwnage] soundboard"

lol this was so funny

The Funniest soundboard i've ever heard!!!


ok man doug has problems with lag lol and problems with BOOM HEADSHOT BOOM HEADSHOT BOOM HEADSHOT!!!

Very good soundboard.

I love the background and the style of it and the sounds we're really funny as hell,great job and keep up the good work. =)


Holy shit! Props man, a very original idea!

How does one rate a soundboard..?

The quality of the sound rips was high, this is a good thing. There was also a wide variety of sounds, though only from Doug or Jeremy. Some bytes from other characters in the series would have been nice. My only question is, are you affiliated with the site at all, or did you rip these directly from the episodes?

Dramacydal responds:

nope, just a fan that rips sounds :P